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Trig PDQ is a patent drafting service dedicated to producing excellent projects for patent attorneys. From a simple flow chart to the most complex mechanical drawings to highly detailed design patent figures, we maintain a commitment to delivering effective solutions.


Excellence in Illustration

Yes, we're anal retentive when it comes to connecting our cross-hatches! However, we don't let our relentless pursuit of drafting excellence get in the way of delivering completed figures on time and for fees that match the estimate.


Trig PDQ bases its pricing on a per-figure rate or per-hour rate—we bill our work at project conclusion with the method that delivers the greatest cost-effectiveness for intellectual property attorneys and their clients.


A Team of Industrial Designers with a Broad Range of Expertise

We offer detailed patent illustrations in the following categories, guided by our motto of "Excellence in Illustration":

  • Computer Interface Drawings
  • Design Patent Drawings
  • Flow Charts
  • Graphs
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Medical Devices
  • Patent Drafting Revisions
  • Trademark Drawings

Client Testimonials:

"...The company has become my primary source for patent drafting..."  Read More...

Ryan Schneider, Partner, Patent Attorney at Troutman Sanders LLP


"...a great job understanding what is needed and provides a quality product with a quick turnaround..."Read More...

-  Gerald Boss, Partner, Patent Attorney at Tillman Wright, PLLC


"...The patent drawings delivered to me were outstanding..."

Julie Tennyson, Patent Attorney at Boehl Stopher & Graves

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